Scots Hoose is prood tae publish ower 90 new poems, stories and plays in Scots by young Scottish writers.

Wi the support o Creative Scotland and in collaboration wi Kirkcaldy High School, Banff Academy, Ayr Academy, Bellshill Academy and Baldragon Academy, Scots scriever Matthew Fitt led a series o Scots writing workshops wi pupils and dominies.

The result is an exciting new collection o creativity hotchin wi talent and smeddum. A new generation o Scots writers is clearin its thrapple and these strang Scots voices demand tae be heard.

Ye’ll find the new Scots writing fae the five Scots Hoose schules and ither schules here on SKOOSH!

Call for submissions
For more information on how to submit your Scots poems, 
stories, plays and songs, email us at